How the Program Works

We know that people will want to understand the end-to-end process before they decide to engage, so below is the logic flow that we use and what you can expect to happen.

Home Offerors registering on Rehome Ukraine: you will be asked a number of questions. Some will be pre-coded from which you select a response, others are free form requests for more information. To offer you optimal protection we will ask only for an email address.

Home Seekers registering on Rehome Ukraine: as above, except we will ask for more contact information. This is because your information will not be shared with the Home Offeror until you have approved any suggested match, possibly after an email exchange with your prospective new home. We assume at this point that you are happy for these details to be shared.

No details for either Home Seeker or Home Offeror will be posted publicly. Our system is a fully automated matching service driven by algorithms. This allows for, potentially, thousands of matches to be dealt with in a very short period of time. The only people to see your details will be the other party once a pairing is made, as described below.

Once you have registered, you will by return receive an email confirming this and recorded all the details you have given us (please check your spam folder if you do not see this in your in-box).

Every 24 hours, details of those registered that day are imported into our matching platform. When a match is made, the details of the Home Offeror is sent to the Home Seeker. The Home Seeker is asked to accept or reject the match. A Home Offeror email address will be included and the Home Seeker may reach out via email at this point, or they may simply accept (or reject) the match.

If the match is rejected, the Home Seeker automatically goes back into the pool and we continue to look for the ideal Home Offeror match in the next and subsequent pairing run.

If the match is accepted, the Home Seeker details (included all contact details offered at registration) are sent to the Home Offeror. Because of system limitations there is no formal accept or reject at this point. Obviously if you do not wish to accept the match it would be polite to let the Home Seeker know this as soon as possible so that they can put themselves back in the pool to find another match.

Of course at any one time the pool of Home Seekers may not be balanced by an equivalent pool of Home Offerors, or vice-versa. This may mean that although we will look to make a match for you each day, you may not hear from us for a while if we have not been able to do this. In this case we will drop you an email after a couple of weeks, just so you know we are still doing our best.

If all this sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry. At each point in the process emails from us will explain what you need to do and what will happen next. Any queries that are not resolved in this way can be directed to