Your Safety

Rehome Ukraine was developed in response to a crisis situation. We hope you will forgive us if it is a little rough around some of its edges.

Note that there are some things our largely automated process definitely doesn’t do. One of these is to ‘vet’ in any way those who are registering. So – like any online space – you should take care over who you connect with, and we cannot take any responsibility for events after a match is accepted.

Home Seekers are largely protected, because the process of applying for visas will involve safeguarding checks on the household offering accommodation.

However the UK, US and Canada are attractive destinations and Home Offerors should be mindful to the possibility that the Home Seeker may not be presenting themselves or their situation accurately and honestly. 

This is a sensitive area, because many Home Seekers will be traumatised and desperate. Asking intrusive questions may create the perception that their potential new household does not trust them and this is not a great way to start a relationship. Everyone will want to handle this differently, but here are a few steps you might want to consider (also check out Refugees at Home in the Useful Links section):

  • Engage via video call at an early stage to get to know each other. Make sure you speak to all members of a family group.
  • As gently and politely as possible ask to see identity documentation, especially proof of Ukrainian citizenship. This can be held up to the camera and should take just a matter of seconds.
  • In the same way you can ask for the Home Seeker to use Google Maps or some other location tool to show that they are where they say they are.
  • If you are asked to transfer money – particularly if this request is made early in the relationship – please be wary. Of course there may be a genuine need, but our general advice would be not to do this.